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Who are we?

In the entertainment business for over 30 years, we have become the Go To business for online bookings, waivers, web design and digital marketing with our parent company Vantora.net.

We were chosen by the GellyBall company themselves to make their web page and assist new dealers in creating a professional look and feel for their company to help propel them to success.

Who are we? We are your next call…

So Much To Do!

We understand you have a lot going on!

We are here to help! We are not just an internet company. We have been shooting paintball guns, Nerf guns and GellyBall guns for over 13 years at three of our own locations! We know what you are going through.

And we are here to help! Let us create a professional online presence for your company and streamline a lot of the day-to-day activities so you can concentrate on promoting and running your business.

Let us help you as you build your GellyBall business

Let Us build a professional image for your company

Today, every company needs more than just a Facebook page – they need a full-featured web page that displays their products and services and allows their guests to book their events online.

We Solve Real Problems

We offer a turnkey solution

Instead of using one company for waivers, one for a web page, one for bookings and yet another for emails, we offer a turnkey solution. Let us handle all of your digital online presence needs in one easy-to-implement comprehensive solution.

Web Design​

We have a template completed for GellyBall. Just give us your name and address and we will have a professional web page for you in just a few days! Feel free to send your own photos and videos too!

Online Bookings & Payments

Your customers will be able to book their parties right on your web page. Using Square or PayPal, you can collect deposits or full payments for parties shown in real time availability.

Online Waivers

After booking, your customers can complete waivers online with a computer, phone or tablet. We store that data for future marketing purposes to drive more business.

Marketing Emails

Our platform captures your customer email information and asks for 5 star reviews on Google and Facebook. We send thank you emails and birthday promotions, and you can even blast custom email messages to all your customers.

Your ideas or ours!

The nice thing about joining the GellyBall gang is the business model is all laid out, and we can help you deploy it. If you want to add concepts, ideas, products or services, we can help you with that too!

Increase Revenues

Today more than ever, people like to book and pay online. Giving them the ability to do that will help increase revenue with less time on the phone for you! More money - less work! That is the beauty of online pages!

24 Hour Sales Team

The Call To Action

It’s not good enough to just have a page that says what you do. You need the viewer to become a customer. That happens when you have a defined Call To Action like “Book Now,” that lets the person making the buying decision book whenever they want, even if it’s 11:30 pm or 6 am.

A page with online booking that reflects real time availability is like having a sales person ready to close a deal for you 24 hours a day. At at the price of a GellyBall web page, that means you are paying that 24 hour employee less than 19 cents an hour.  Who said good help is hard to find!

we love them

Some of our Clients


The official GellyBall company turned to us to do their web page. But we are not just their web guys - we have three GellyBall Locations! So we are very familiar with the products!

Austin Paintball

The founder of GellyBall also has a paintball field, and they turned to us to create their web presence for both of their companies.

mansfield gellyball

Mansfield GellyBall

An example of the basic GellyBall web page with complete booking and waiver integration.

Axe Masters

Based out of Cleveland, they are actually a division of a huge family fun center called Make Believe Parma, and when they saw the results we got on their Axe Masters page, they hired us to take over the SEO for both companies.

BCS Axe House

We designed a custom web page for this axe throwing venue in Bryan, College Station. They also use our booking software, along with our sister company's (Axcitement.com) axe throwing software.

Haunted Bus

They wanted something a little different to promote their zombie hunt, so we got to play with a few zombies and spiders to create a web page to grab the attention of the visitor.

Gel Tag San Diego

A standard GellyBall page, but they had some video they wanted to include on the page, so we included that into their template.


Our other businesses featuring three indoor locations, GellyBall fields, Paintball, Nerf and Axe Throwing. It's why we know what you need... we live it every day!

GellyBall of Atlanta

One of the newest GellyBall dealers, they have already started to get bookings from their new site.

We have content for you

We can supply stock photos

If you have your own images, we will us those!  If not, don’t worry. We can populate your page with stock photos and content. Then, when you get some shots from your own groups, just forward them to us and let us know which ones you want to replace!

Standard Booking Package

$ 80 Monthly
  • Online Reservations
  • online waivers
  • Thank you emails
  • Birthday Promo emails
  • Point of sale
  • Upgrade to website later

Booking With Complete Custom Website

$ 325 Monthly
  • Online Reservations
  • online waivers
  • Thank you emails
  • Birthday Promo emails
  • Point of sale
  • custom Multi-Page Website
  • Search Engine Optimization

Booking & GellyBall Website

$ 165 Monthly
  • Online Reservations
  • online waivers
  • Thank you emails
  • Birthday Promo emails
  • Point of sale
  • Integrated Single Page Website

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